.Boho chic.

The Boho style is the perfect result of a recipe that contains the right level of each ingredient: romance, comfort and originality.

7 €

10 €

Ceremony bench
20 €

Ceremony structure
120 €

White rope lighthouse
Small 5€
Big 8€


35 €

White rope lighthouse
Pequeño 5 €
Grande 8 €

Wood lighthouse
8 €

25 €

Ceremony structure
120 €

Ceremony bench
20 €

10 €

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By definition, the rustic style is casual, comfortable and cozy. It is one of the best options to achieve a relaxed decoration. Although it is born in rural environments and includes warm colors and natural materials, this style is not only exclusive to homes and country house interiors, but we also find it in urban environments.
The rustic style is perfect for warm places to enjoy nature outside. However, many interior designers propose these practices for cold places, due to the feeling of warmth that it recreates.

Rustik desk
50 €

Decorative bicycle
80 €

Rope stool
7,50 €

Wicker seating
30 €

Jute basket
5 €

Jute basket
5 €

Rope stool
7,50 €

Rustik desk
50 €

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The botanical style has been a trend since 2017 when Pantone proclaimed “greenery” the color of the year. It is a natural style that seeks to connect us with nature from our homes and that will not stop surprising you and will evolve, since it is a fresh and healthy style.
It has a direct relationship with the «Tropical jungle» style, which can be considered the wildest version of the botanical style.
It should be added that the botanical trend is timeless and will look great both in winter and summer.

Llatra stool
10 €

Hexagon structure
120 €

Emanuelle armchairs
85 €

Round wooden lamppost
8 €

Bar counter
150 €

Drink dispenser
Small 5 €
Big 10 €

Love letters
100 €

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The Tuscan style evokes the spirit of the Italian countryside: trees, country houses, vineyards illuminated by sunlight.
Built on rural traditions and natural materials, it speaks straight to the heart about history and home. Tuscan-style décor has risen in popularity in recent years due to its modest air, warmth, and emphasis on comfort – a lifestyle that few of us will live, but that we can all dream of.

Ceremony table
20 €

Ceremony bench
Set of two units for 20 €

5-arm candlestick
15 €

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.Años 50.

During the 50s a very defined style of decoration was born and today, more than half a century later, many people are betting on it when decorating their event. The key to achieving a decoration style of the 50s is to choose the furniture correctly, as well as each and every detail.

Ice cream cart
150 €

Mirror seating
25 €

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Reserve chairs, tables, china, cups, glassware, cutlery, tablecloths and outside for your special events.


Tuscany chair

Tolix chair

Dark wicker chair

Round white stool

Alicia flowers chair

Garrotxa chair

Ratan chair without arms

Chavari white chair

Bamboo chair

Chavari gold chair

White wicker chair

White square stool

Alicia little flowers chair

Cover chair

Ratan chair with arms

Napoleon chair

Toscana stool

Bamboo stool

Tolix low stool

Alicia Stripes chair

Alicia Fuchsia chair

Garrotxa cover, cushion

Folding chair

Forge chair

Light wicker chair

Tolix high stool

Alicia green chair

Louis chair

Child highchair

Chavari Ice Chair


Bali round table

Elephant table

Rectangular bistro table

Turquoise table

Pickled round table

White pentagram lectern

Round table

Tuscany table

Folding table

Singer table

White forge table

Vintage white bench

Bistro table strench cover

Rectangular table

Hanging table

Iron wood table

Bali rectangular table

Vintage white table

Forge lectern

Bistro table strench cover

High bistro table

Singer bank

Round iron table

Oak bench

White forge bench

White heart lectern

Bistro with tablecloth

Low bistro table


Under plate

Toile de Jolie red flowers

Light blue crystal

Crystal pearls

Rose cut crystal

Black branches crystal

Silver grid

Toile de Jolie black flower

Crystal Julia

Amber cut crystal

Dark blue crystal

Beige branches crystal

Toile de Jolie blue flowers

Italian glass

Glass smoke

Turquoise crystal

Fixed ratan

Vintage crystal

Light green crystal

Gold edge crystal

Calculus crystal

Thik ratann


Shallow plate

Rectangular plate

Vista Alegre white

Blue yellow set

Pasta plate

Square plate

Tasting plate

Brown tasting plate

Granite plate

Santa Clara set

Bread plate





Little basket




.Cups and others.


Santa Clara coffee set

Vista Alegre coffee set

Golden infusion set

Golden coffee set


Blue minature plate

Mini Paellera

Small glass bowl 2

Tears bowl

Square bowl

Earthenware spoon

Salt shaker set


Small glass bowl 1

Clay bowls

White yellow

White red

Light green mud

White blue

Black mud

Blue mud

White green

Dark green mud

Lilac white

Red mud










Cruz de Malta




Round tablecloth

Striped round tablecloth

Lilac organza

Stone flowers

Autumn round tablecloth

Lead gray

Lead gray

Gold round tablecloth

Black round tablecloth

Light blue round

Green organza

Fuchsia flowers

Reverse Florentine

Tablecloth Cover

Green tablecloth cover

Organza tablecloth cover

Watercolor tablecloth

Reversible stone

White tablecloth cover

Fuchsia tablecloth cover

Beige tablecloth cover

Pink brocade

White brocade

Table runner

Watercolor table runner

Violet flowers

Linen table runner

Green tongues runner

Blue tongues runner


Semicircular Bar

Cart with awning

Black strech bar

Chill out palets

Semicircular bar counter

Becara cart

White strech bar

Chill out palets


Bistro wine barrel

Bavaria set

Sack cloth screen


Oxi bar

Tuscany bistro Table

Zinc bar

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